Improvisational Theatre in Slovenia

Impro liga (Improvisation League or Impro Leauge), the Slovene competition in improvisational theatre, was formed in 1993, when Ana Monró Theatre, the initiator of improvisational theatre in Slovenia, challenged other impro theatre groups to join it in an improvisation competition. Impro liga annually presents around 15 groups from all over Slovenia.

Impro liga is the main project for adult improvisers in Slovenia run by Association for culture and education IMPRO, and takes the form of a competition in short form improvisation. To date, the series has involved over 100 successful shows at KUD France Prešeren Arts and Culture Association and Španski borci Cultural Centre and resulted in a number of guest performances across Slovenia and abroad (Berlin, Vienna, Seattle, Graz). Impro liga performances have also been presented at different national festivals, such as Lent Festival, Ana Desetnica International Street Theatre Festival, Goli oder Naked Stage International Festival of Improvisational Theatre, Sanje Festival, etc.

Since 2005 Impro liga organises the so called “Exhibitions” programme which presents non-competitive evening-length improvisations that include members of different impro groups and are based on thematic proposals from the audience. In addition, Impro liga also organises improvisational theatre workshops for youth and adults.