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Impro liga is the Slovenian national improvisational theatre competition. The project was first established in 1993. Ana Monró Theatre, the first ever improvisational theatre in Slovenia, challenged other impro-theatre groups to join them in a competition. The latter later evolved into the league which has been carried out to this day under the auspice of the Association for culture and education IMPRO.

Each year circa 10 groups of all ages from around the country perform in the competition, which starts the season off with qualifiers in October and ends with the grand finale in mid-June. The matches/shows are held every other Sunday at CSK France Prešeren and offer a spectacle for impro connoisseurs as well as newcomers.

Improvisers compete in a series of short scenes, based on suggestions from the audience while being restricted by various different frameworks and limitations. As well as offering competition on a national level, the project is often paired with other events and festivals (Festival Lent, Ana Desetnica International Street Theatre Festival, Sanje (‘Dreams’) Festival etc.), as well as represented at international events in Berlin, Vienna, Seattle, Graz and others.

Once a month Impro liga organises an exhibition show under the collective name Specialke. Those are middle- or long-form performances, where improvisations from different competing groups are combined to create cohesive story inspired by a given topic or event. Improvisers are also able to mix-and-match at the annual Interfaculty Impro Championship, taking place each March.

All-in-all Impro liga is a well-rounded project, offering a place to learn (various courses), evolve (workshops and seminars) and perform (competitive and other). For more information visit our site or message us on Facebook.




SHOWS: Menza pri koritu, AKC Metelkova mesto, Ljubljana, Slovenia


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