We are Improholics, the only English speaking and the most international impro group in Slovenia! We are a diverse group of enthusiasts of impro theater from different parts of the globe and therefore each of us brings different cultural and language backgrounds that enriches our improvising possibilities. We work to overcome our cultural barriers and make the most out of our differences. In the end, we are all humans!


Currently we are six improvisers:

  • Rachida: a spicy Moroccan with beautiful French aroma
  • Alla: the funniest and most delightful actress from Ukraine
  • Anna: our deep listener from the cold lands of Russia
  • Sacha: the biggest and sweetest bear, half French, half Serbian, full European.
  • Rocío: bringing loud love and sunlight energy all the way from Spain
  • Gregor: the best mix of brain and passion from Slovenia

Foto: Mark Fortuna